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Pita Pizzas

May 08,2009
R and G love pizza. When I am making out the weekly grocery list and ask them what they would like for dinner during the week, invariably one of them responds, “pizza!” While we love to make homemade dough, I also like to keep it simple on busy nights. Want pizza in a flash but have no dough? No problem. Just use pita bread as your base. We love Trader Joe’s whole wheat pita bread (we use the large size), as it cooks up crispy and is substantial enough to hold lots of good toppings. There are a couple tricks to a good pita pizza. First, the pita has to be of good quality, fresh, and preferably a bit thicker than some of those flimsy flat pitas. As I just mentioned, Joe makes a good pita. Second, since the pita is already cooked, use your oven broiler instead of baking the pizza. Third, put the pita under the broiler plain, get one side slightly browned and flip and repeat. If you do this, the pita will be ready for topping and come out crispy, not soggy. We do all sorts of toppings in our home, the sky is really the limit when it comes to making pizza. R’s perennial favorite is bacon, shrimp and olives, which he orders up on special nights, but usually it is just plain olives. G loves just about anything you put in front of him still, so he eats whatever we happen to have on hand. This week we whipped up this: Hungry? Go grab a bag of pitas and get cookin’! SPC