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Piece of Cake

January 23,2009
After a fun Monday celebrating G's second birthday, today we are awaiting Grandma and Papa's arrival at the airport, to celebrate R's fifth birthday tonight at home. Tomorrow is their joint birthday party, for which they could not possibly be more excited. I am not sure that G fully gets the whole birthday party idea, but he feeds off of R's energy. Thus, we are reaching a fever pitch of birthday-party anticipation. Last year we did a "construction site and demolition party," with R the construction four-man (get it?) and G being the one-man demolition crew. We decorated the house with homemade construction signs that said things such as "Little Men at Work" and "Caution: Now Entering a Party Zone." It was a great day of sharing with family and friends. For the cakes last year, I made R this cake: I also made G a construction sign cake, but since it is also predominantly his name, you will have to use your imagination. Needless to say, it was a load of work to make them both, but well, well worth it. Just look at their faces: This year we're doing a race car party theme, featuring two race car cakes: the #2 car and the #5 car. The cakes are baking as I type, and tonight I will start the decorating. Wish me luck and I will be sure to post some pictures next week! Have a great weekend, SPC