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Penny Craft

June 09,2009
One of my challenges this summer is to keep R, who will be entering kindergarten in the autumn, occupied. He no longer naps and with school out for the summer, this not-very-crafty/creative mom has needed all the help she can get with ideas for he and I to do between playing outside (which he does a lot, but even big kids need a little down time too). I am extremely thankful for resources to help me channel my inner crafter, which reminds me, have you checked out the Craftivity Blog on this website? It rocks! While I normally share edible recipes, this recipe is for cleaning pennies. R loves finding pennies whenever and wherever he can. I found this recipe for shining copper that worked like a charm and was safe and non-toxic since it only requires vinegar and salt. R was able to mix the ingredients, sort the pennies and clean them all by himself. He loved it and learned some neat things in the process about measuring, counting and science. Penny Cleaning Solution ½ cup white vinegar 1/3 cup salt Mix. Drop pennies into the mixture and be amazed at how it almost instantly cleans them (except the very dirty ones). Repeat. R sorting his pennies: Getting ready to shine: The before: The after: SPC