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Peanut Butter Popsicles

April 28,2010
I have so much fun seeing how our two boys’ eating habits mirror those of SPH and yours truly when we were kids. Some things about kiddie eating are nearly universally true, among them being food served on sticks is extra tasty and dipping foods in some sort of dip is all sorts of fun. But for R and G, there are certain traits that I know must have been genetically based. For instance, R is following in his daddy’s footsteps and loving seafood. Perhaps it is because he was born on the East Coast or perhaps it is just in his DNA, but R will eat anything from the sea, and I mean anything. Oysters, clams, mussels, even anchovies are on R’s list, not to mention fish, shrimp, scallops and calamari. R could literally eat us out of house and home with his love of seafood. I know this love has to be from SPH as I couldn’t stomach seafood until I was in my 20s. G has inherited my love of Wheat Thins. I know, an odd love to be inherited, but I could literally eat an entire box of Wheat Thins or similar cracker in one sitting. G inhales these crackers too, happily passing up fish or other kiddie crackers for a taste of the ‘thins. Sometimes I see the boys eating food a certain way, or reacting to a meal with a particular face and I think, “these really are *our* kids.” Recently though, R has taken to a snack that I know he loves because of his mama’s genes. In an effort to help R become more independent in the kitchen, we have started to let him do certain things for himself, such as pour his own drinks and cereal. In our pantry, he has easy access to the peanut butter and the other day chose to take a big ole’ scoop of peanut butter on his spoon and then proceed to lick the spoon clean. Oh, memories… I used to do this exact same thing with a spoon and peanut butter! I called it a peanut butter popsicle, and I loved making popsicles of this sort all the time. The bigger the spoon, the better, as I slurped up the salty sweetness of the peanut butter. R has yet to move on to bigger spoons, but we now deem his creation a peanut butter popsicle too, and I smile each time he eats one, knowing that there’s a little bit of me deep down in this looks-like-a-mini-daddy boy of mine. SPC