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PB and 'K?

February 10,2009
I went grocery shopping yesterday, and I noticed that there was a big sign by the peanut butter aisle. Basically, the sign was a pledge from the grocery store that they had removed all contaminated peanut butter products from their shelves--the ones that had been recalled due to the salmonella outbreak. The grocery store sign also stated that major brands of jarred peanut butter were not affected, and that they were considered safe to consume. Then I noticed something else: Every single kind of peanut butter was on sale, and the shelves were jammed full of jars. From outward appearances, this particular store was not selling a lot of peanut butter. I felt a little flutter of bravery as I placed a jar of extra crunchy in my shopping cart. But then I started thinking, “What if I am the fool? I know they say it is safe to eat, but what if everyone else knows ‘the truth’ about peanut butter, and I am the only one foolish enough to buy it?” It was with this hint of uncertainty in mind that I posed this question to my regular Sweet Peas and Pumpkins readers. Phew! Everyone who responded to my, albeit, very unscientific poll is continuing to eat their jarred peanut butter. I know it is irrational, but I feel like there's safety in numbers on issues such as this. Let’s face it: Peanut butter is the ultimate go-to kiddie food for any allergy-free home. There are few products for lunchtime that are as easy, inexpensive, and widely accepted by kids as peanut butter. Add to that the fact that you can whip up a sandwich in the morning and not worry if it is still fresh/hasn’t gone bad by lunchtime, and you have a lunchtime savior. I venture to guess that if there was a recall of bologna, potato chips, or some other easy-to-replace lunchtime food, parents might have an easier time writing off the entire class of food, recall list or not. But threaten our old stand-by, and we will fight to the end before fully letting go of our peanut butter jars. Off to buy some more peanut butter, while it’s still on sale… SPC