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Packing Up

June 11,2010
It is time to pack up my kitchen for our move. After spending weeks packing up infrequently used items, such as china, seasonal decorations and winter clothes, it is time to hit the daily-used items too. Perhaps no room in our house gets more use and holds more memories and endearment to me than our kitchen. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It is where I have experimented, made lots of celebratory meals and cakes, and yes, cooked lots and lots of daily dinners, lunches and breakfasts too. There's been moments of elation and disaster, moments of creativity and drudgery, moments of "firsts" and yes, mainly, just many, many moments of time that have added up to lots of memories. So as I pack up the kitchen and it becomes more bare and less full, our move becomes all the more real to me. This week I cooked my last planned meal in our kitchen. Today I bake the last dessert before the oven is decommissioned and prepared for its new owners. And this weekend we will further pare down our freezer and pantry. I look forward to cooking and creating in our new kitchen, but first I need to finish packing, clean up our cabinets and wait for the big move next week. Then comes the fun (at least for me) of setting up shop in a new space. While I do, I may be off-line for a good bit next week. But I plan to return with new stories, new adventures and yes, new good food to share. Have a great weekend! SPC