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Our journey from puny to jungle

August 11,2011

Our wee little vegetable seedlings have turned into a veritable plant forest.  You know how on the seed or vegetable containers there are recommendations for how far apart to plant vegetables and herbs?  When I was planting our seedlings begun indoors and therefore very small compared to the nursery plants, I found myself scoffing at some of the recommendations.

“Five feet between zucchini plants?!”

“Three to four feet between tomato plants seems like an enormous amount!”

“There is no way I need this much space between the peppers.”

My home-grown plants were small.  Puny.  In fact, I wasn’t quite sure if they would grow beyond their seedling status and actually said a quick prayer of hope that they would grow since the boys had invested a lot of time and interest in this project.

If only I could have seen the future.  What started out two months ago as this:

and then this:

Has grown into this:

Plants taller than G, almost taller than R.  Vegetables a plenty, in fact, I’m already considering canning (am I crazy to try this?!) since I love the idea of canned tomatoes to last all winter long.  Vegetables growing so fast, we laughed when we picked this zucchini and R proclaimed, “It is as a big as G’s arm!”


I am thrilled at how well our first year of vegetable gardening is going, especially since I have never had a very green thumb.  More than anything, I love the idea that R and G are learning how food grows.  That it takes time, patience, anticipation, work and love; but through all these you eventually harvest something delicious and wonderful.  And I love the pride on their faces when they harvest something they nurtured, grew and tended to (okay, albeit with a lot of help from mom).

Pretty good life lessons, wouldn’t you say?

Life is sweet,