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Only the Best

November 09,2009
Here we are in the second week of November and already the holidays seem imminent. My mom was in town over the weekend, affording SPH and I the luxury of doing some shopping—by ourselves. And good thing too, as every which way you turn there is some sort of item luring kids’ attention and seemingly begging, “put me on your Christmas list!” This year I am unusually peaceful about the holidays, choosing to adopt a sort of “it will happen, even if I don’t get stressed attitude.” Usually at this point I have Christmas lists with gift ideas already finished and the shopping is well underway. This year I had yet to buy a solitary item until… Someone emailed me about a fairly new website, and asked me to check it out. A sort of clearinghouse for locally produced agriculture products, has everything from seafood and cheese to granolas, soup mixes and sauces. You can search by state or by food item, and the list of options is seemingly endless. Best of all, I had a gift idea in the back of my mind for a family member, and when I went to the website, they had the perfect thing, which I ordered to kick off my holiday shopping on a localvore note. I had intended to post a picture of my bounty I found on and why I chose the item, but then I realized that the person for whom the gift is intended reads this blog and would most likely have a good hunch the item was for them. So, let’s just say while I get a lot of emails from folks promoting their website, is a real standout. SPC