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Oh Happy Day

May 13,2010
It’s been a long time coming, and anticipated with much excitement: My kindergartener R has his first loose tooth. After weeks, no months, of watching every single one of his friends get loose teeth, lose said tooth, and in many instances, repeat, it is finally R’s turn. We’ve waited a long time for this day, with R often saying during bedtime teeth brushing, “I think I have a loose tooth!” almost as if he could will it to happen. Then unexpectedly, recently, I was helping him floss when I noticed a bit of a jiggle in his lower front tooth. “R! I think you have a loose tooth,” I declared, with a dash of bittersweet amazement, noting that my baby really is growing up if he is losing his baby teeth. While the tooth is still just barely loose, R has been asking me what he can do to help his tooth to fall out. Beyond just the pride of having lost a tooth, R also has been coached on the whole Tooth Fairy bit, so his motivation may also be financial as well. But motivated he is, so I’ve been coaching him on the good foods to help his tooth fall out. I’ve told R that lots of crunchy fruits and vegetables will help get his tooth to fall out more quickly. Sure, crunchy chips and snacks could accomplish the same goal, but this loose tooth situation has presented a good opportunity for this mom. You see, R is not a big “crunchy foods” kid. G?? He eats raw carrots and celery like there’s no tomorrow. He loves raw vegetables and dip, and the sort. But R, not so much. So when R showed real interest in helping his tooth fall out, I sensed an opportunity to help encourage some healthy eating…I am always on the look-out for such an opportunity. I am not convinced that R’s motivation to eat crunchy vegetables will forever alter his palate and food preferences, but you can’t blame a mom for trying. SPC