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Oatmeal Tip

October 06,2009
Besides lots of baking when the weather cools, another kitchen staple during the cooler months is oatmeal. I love that the boys love oatmeal, for it is a healthy, budget-friendly breakfast that keeps them going until lunch. One thing we have done to cut down on the time it takes to make our morning oatmeal is to whip up big batches of oatmeal mix. You can click here for the recipe, which creates a super healthy and yummy warm breakfast. Best of all, it is 100% natural and has less sugar than traditional store-bought oatmeal mixes. But even my sweet tooth boys love making homemade oatmeal and don’t seem to miss the added sugar. Recently though we ran out of our homemade oatmeal mix and I needed a quick way to get oatmeal to the table. I bought Trader Joe’s instant oatmeal mix packets, and added ½ cup quick cooking oats. The boys loved it, it still accomplished the same goals (all natural and reduced sugar) and helped stretch out the mix, and therefore, the costs. So my tip for Tuesday is to buy plain quick cooking oats and add some to your oatmeal packet in the morning. SPC