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No-Bake Tacos

January 23,2012

It’s Birthday Week again in these here parts, and I find myself in the familiar mix of sentimentality and kitchen overdrive exhaustion.  It happens this time every year for the last several years...

A little more than 5 years ago I was pregnant with our second son.  He was due in the first half of February, and with son #1’s birthday being in the last week of January, I remember thinking “maybe I’ll deliver late, you know, so their birthdays aren’t too close together.”  Plus, for some romantic-vision reason, I loved the idea of having a Valentine’s Day baby.  I am sure it is one of the only times in the history of the world that a pregnant mom actually hoped to deliver late.

Well, our little man G would have no part of my plan.  Without going into all the minutia, G came 4 days before R’s 3rd birthday.  That’s right, he came several weeks early, not late, and that’s how we end up with two birthdays to celebrate in one week.

Each Birthday Week I pine for a way to slow their aging process, as I almost always find myself thinking, “how can ____ possibly be ___ years old?!”  Perhaps it is to my advantage that their birthdays are so close together since there are so many things to remember, I can’t focus too much time on their rapid growth.

And so it happens that this year by the end of January, I will have a 5 year old and an 8 year old.  If you are a parent you know what I am is implausible to me that my baby boy will be headed to kindergarten in the fall and my older son is now officially a “tween.”

I share all this to tie it back to the theme of this month’s blog posts, which is Fast and Convenient.  Boy, have I been in major need of Fast and Convenient this week, even Super Fast, which leads me to this week’s theme for Fast and Convenient (having already covered Slow Cooker Meals, Bake and Casseroles and meals you can “cook once, eat twice”), No-Bake Meals.

I recently tried out a new No-Bake Meal, one that isn’t so much of a recipe, but more of a concept:  Refried Bean Tacos.

We did these for the first time a few days ago and they were a hit!  We took taco shells, refried beans, pre-made guacamole, salsa, shredded cheese, lettuce and cilantro and voila, dinner was done.  Just a quick minute in the microwave to heat the beans, and we were assembling our meal!

From start to finish, these tacos took about 5 minutes flat.  Not bad for a busy birthday week, eh?  Especially when there are cakes, cupcakes, muffins and cookies to bake for all the celebrating!

Life is sweet (and short, so enjoy as much as you can),