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Next Stop: Pickyville

January 29,2009
Last week I mentioned my "Oh Wow!" strategy to help encourage healthy eating when R and G are slow to eat their vegetables. It works a lot of the time, but I think I may need to have a few more tricks up my sleeve. Anyone with more than one child can attest that two children from the same parents can be as different as the East is from the West--even when the kids are the same gender. R is my little vegetarian-in-training, who loves tofu, beans and anything with (brown) rice. G is a carnivore. Meat, meat, meat is what he craves. It is amazing. R has always been a fairly good eater, and I didn't realize how easy I had it with him until G started turning his nose up at some Sweet Pea Family standbys, such as this week's guacamole recipe, and other favorites. Lately G has become even pickier, and I have started to seek out some more outside advice. This article from the American Academy of Pediatrics really drove home some good points. Food strikes and food jags are G's favorite food-time challenges. What are your challenges feeding your little ones? SPC