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New Years Eve Eve

December 30,2009
I’m no fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I wrote in more depth last year at this time how I feel about them, but in a nutshell, I am more of a constant work-in-progress type of girl, rather than a once-a-year self-improver. Regardless of whether you do resolutions or not, the New Year can be a good stop point in your day to day hustle bustle life to stop and reflect on where there is room for growth. I offer a few questions to help you reflect for a few moments on your family and their eating routine: Are you happy with how your family generally eats? No, don’t dissect each moment of giving into your child’s request for a less than stellar treat, just generally…are you pleased with your eating habits? Is there one area in which you hope to improve your eating habits? Do you know have a good resource to help encourage you in healthy eating? (A friend is a good start, another family member, cookbook, or a favorite blog?) What steps can you take to help this week to help reach your goals? What is reasonable for your family? What things will help you maintain this new healthy habit? If it is true what they say about resolutions, that they are usually expired no later than March of each year, consider these thoughts unresolutions. So come up with your unresolutions today, tomorrow or anytime you have a moment to stop and reflect and decide you want to enact some changes. I’ll be back next week with more new recipes and tips for healthy eating in January and beyond. SPC