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My Soapbox, er, Lunch Box?

July 06,2009
Ever since leaving my job on Capitol Hill, I very rarely delve into political matters. After nearly a decade working in an increasingly rancorous setting, I think I just had had enough. I still follow current events closely, or as closely as I can with two little ones that occupy most of my time, but rarely do I feel compelled to rally around a specific cause. An email from a good friend has me in legislative advocacy mode again. You may or may not be familiar with the Slow Food movement, but basically it involves eating food like it was meant to be enjoyed…naturally, without being overly processed, with friend and family, in a healthy environment. You can read more about at Slow Food USA is advocating for changes to the Child Nutrition Act, which is due to be reauthorized by Congress later this year. They are mounting a “Time for Lunch” campaign which is promoting that more real, whole foods be used in schools, and less vending machine, processed crud. Yes, crud is the technical term for vending machine snacks. To address the needed changes, Slow Food USA is hoping that Congress will provide funding to encourage schools to buy more locally grown produce in schools, up funding for school lunches and create more school produce gardens. Sound like a good plan? Check out this website. The Sweet Pea Family is still a year or more away from delving into the school lunch quagmire, but when I recall some of the school lunches I was served when I was in school, I recoil. One particular memory is of “Fiesta Pizza,” that was swimming in so much grease it nearly slid off my plate. From what I hear, the food hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years or so. Wouldn’t it be great in this era of skyrocketing childhood obesity to be a part of a positive lunch change for our children? SPC