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Mom's Tuesday's Tip

February 09,2010
This week I feature another “Tuesday’s Tip” inspired by my mom. Why? Because whether we want to admit it or not, many of our own best tips come from our mom or a mom of some sort. Moms are known for their tips. You know how we call tale talls “Old Wives Tales?” We should call any brilliant fix, tip or solution a “Mom’s Tip.” My mom was full of good tips when I was growing up. Some I accepted, some, I am embarassed to say, I was too proud to accept. But now as I write this blog, my mom is not only my biggest fan, but my biggest source of inspiration. This was one of recent suggestions that I thought I would share. This tip is simple, but smart. When stacking delicate or easily-scratched items in the kitchen, an easy and inexpensive protector is as close as your own kitchen cabinet. Use a single paper towel between non-stick pans to provide adequate protection against potential scratching of the non-stick surfaces. No paper towels? Get creative. Use a single full sized paper plate, a cloth rag or napkin. With such an easy protector between your pans, you can stack to your heart’s content and conserve space in your kitchen. So thanks mom, for another tip. Love, SPC