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A Midwinter's Day Picnic

February 18,2010
Yesterday I shared a fun recipe to make with you kids, Corn Dog Bites. What I didn’t share is after we made the Corn Dog Bites, my boys ate them while sitting on the living room floor. Let me explain… No, I haven’t become so discouraged with the dreary, cold, snowy February that we’ve been having that I have thrown out any semblance of order in my home. I let the boys eat on the living room floor because we were having a mid-winter’s picnic. This mid-winter’s picnic has become a bit of a tradition in the Sweet Pea family. Two years ago, after a particularly rough February that ended with G in the hospital with horrible stridor from a bad croup episode and SPH and I being so exhausted that March just HAD to be better, I decided to turn over a new leaf for our family and celebrate by having a picnic in our living room. The boys loved having a meal in our usually food-less space. I really hammed it up with them, pretending to be oblivious to the fact that we were eating in our living room and not outside. We pretended to be in a park, that we had packed our lunches and ate picnic style inside. This was great fun for R and G, so we repeated it last year and this year. This year we invited our neighbors over for our picnic lunch, so R and G were joined by R’s good friend F who seemed to enjoy our festivities. I even put on some reggae music and for a brief moment, pretended we were basking somewhere in the sun. You remember the sun, right? It’s that round object in the sky, that may be hiding behind your clouds. So why not give an indoor picnic a try? If nothing else, it is a change from the ordinary, something fun and creative. And if you are one of those lucky ducks who lives in a part of the world where you can have an outdoor picnic today, bask in the glory of your sunny day, have a picnic, and think of use colder-climate folks. SPC