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Merry Christmas Eve

December 24,2009
My guess is that many of you are either: A. Doing some last minute shopping B. Trying to get your wrapping done C. Making some last minute baked goods D. Preparing food for tomorrow's Christmas Feast E. All of the above In the Sweet Pea home, it isn't even noon yet and our answer to the above is E. As I type, SPH, R and G are out gathering some last minute gifts. SPH is the typical male in that he shops better under pressure. He started his shopping yesterday. If I had waited that long, I would be sporting an ulcer. Instead, while he shops, I am busy away in the kitchen. This morning I made some Spiced Sweet Almonds to give away to some family tonight at our Christmas Eve gathering. Think it is too late to whip up a kitchen gift? Think again. Do you have any chocolate laying around? Melt it* and dip just about anything in it, and there you have it, an instant Christmas gift. Wrap it up nice and voila, another check on your Christmas list: While you are off dipping things in chocolate, I am off to make a couple more things for tonight and tomorrow's celebrations. So, Merry Christmas to All! SPC *To melt chocolate, place it in a microwave safe dish and heat on HIGH for 30 second increments, stirring between each time in the microwave.