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Making the Time

January 28,2010
A couple of nights ago I was at a friend of a friend's home for a casual get together. The homeowner clearly had style, and had the panache and talent to pull off really hip style on a budget. Among the artistic creations in her home, there was a piece of linoleum that she had transformed into the coolest, neatest kitchen "rug." It had nearly a dozen people "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing" over the skill it must have taken to accomplish the amazing transformation. Her response, "*Anyone* could do this. Anyone. It just takes the time." Bingo. If I had infinite time, there are countless creative ventures I would love to undertake. But with two little ones frequently needing my attention, most non-essential items get pushed to the back burner. My back burner is very, very full. Perhaps this is why I use the kitchen as my creative outlet...because our family must eat. Perhaps, in my pragmatic-leaning mind I can rationalize the extra time it takes to create, test and complete a new recipe or two, since food is a necessity in our home. Or perhaps cooking is just my most favorite creative outlet. Whatever the reason, my creativity is most satisfied when I am cooking. I know plenty of people who ask me where *I* get the time to do so much cooking. To which I respond by showing this picture: You can get a whole lotta cooking done when little ones can makes a whole lotta noise! I challenge you to make some time to get creative once in awhile too! SPC