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Long Days, Short Years

January 22,2010
Somehow, in an almost inconceivable way, my little Sweet Peas are turning 3 and 6 this week. In the day after day after day monotony of parenthood, it is easy to lose sight of how precious and fleeting these parenting moments will seem someday. I look at pictures of me from 3 years ago, with a precocious 3 year old and a newborn, the exhaustion hidden behind a smile for the camera. I remember thinking how long those sleep-deprived nights seemed to persist, but now, they seem almost a blink of a (very weary) eye. A stranger in the grocery store once stopped me to share her wisdom of parenting with me, "Just remember, when you are a mom, the days seem very long, but the years will seem short." Well said. I can't imagine how many times I have wiped my boys' chins to clean off some leftover food, wiped the table clean from a messy meal or just wiped myself out doing the endless make a meal/eat a meal/clean up from a meal cycle, but I dare say some day it will be a fond memory. So as you look to this blog to either become inspired in the kitchen or for a new recipe idea, perhaps exhausted by all you do as a parent at this stage in life, try to take a thankful moment today and remember what an honor it is to be a parent. SPC