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Let the Growing Season Begin!

March 21,2011

(Drumroll please)

Spring is here!  And while the weather doesn’t always necessarily follow the season that is shown on the calendar, I always get a smile on my face when spring officially arrives. 

This past winter seemed particularly incessant, didn’t it?  This year we had few of the typical “every few weeks warm spell” throughout winter, and while I know this isn’t the case for my East Coast friends and family, our neck of the woods had very few snowfalls that accumulated to anything.  In fact, I do not think we had an official snowfall above 4 inches.

But again, spring is here!  (do you feel my glee?)

Spring is planting season and for the Sweet Pea Family, we are more than ready to get rolling on our new backyard garden.  With our move last June, we gained a new, larger space (albeit still modest) for a new garden.  We love planting our own herbs and vegetables, for there is almost nothing as satisfying as walking into your backyard and harvesting items immediately before cooking.  Our mint is already coming back:

In our gardening zone, mid-March means direct sowing some garlic, red onion and just this past weekend, sweet peas and collard greens:


But for most vegetables, we need to wait until May to plant in the outdoor garden.  Which is good news, since the space where we intend to plant is currently overrun by weeds and old bushes.  Over the next several weeks we will begin preparing the soil and in mere weeks, I’ll update you on our outdoor garden plantings.

Until then, did I mention:

Spring is here!