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Learning at Snack Time

December 09,2010

One of the neatest privileges of parenting is witnessing first-hand the serendipitous moments that children create with their imagination.  One of the best pieces of advice I received early-on in my parenting adventure was to slow down, step back and allow your children to help you see the world as a child again…through their imagination.

When R was a toddler, I loved the simple excitement of him seeing a worm squirm in the dirt in the spring or watching his eyes light up as a “helicopter” or “twirly-bird” leaves fall from a maple tree in the autumn.  How often I was blessed to see things anew through his child-like perspective...and continue to do so.

Both R and G have great imaginations, so I am constantly charmed with their simple observations and statements.  But the other day, during a busy after-school/pre-homework/dinner preparation time, I was hurrying around the kitchen while G and R shared a snack.  Suddenly I noticed how quiet the kitchen had become, an unusual sound for our particular kitchen.

I looked over at G and R, who were both crouched over R’s snack. 

I heard R say:  “Do you think I can make an ‘H’ G?”

G:  “Yep!”

R:  “Oh look, I did it!  I spelled ‘Ohio!’”

And at that I walked over and saw that R had taken his pretzels and created:

He also had somehow, almost magically, spelled out his name with pretzels too.  Amazing!

How two little boys came up with letter after letter from a simple pretzel is beyond me.  But their eyes, minds and creativity had created a wonderful memory—for them and for me.