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Labor Day Cometh and Goeth

September 09,2010
Not sure if “goeth” is a word, but you catch my drift. Labor Day was on Monday and somehow, inexplicably, summer 2010 is past tense. I saw an article in the local paper on Monday, with a picture of a man picking tomatoes and the caption that basically said, “get ‘em while you still can.” Our schools are open, the pools are closing and my white pants and skirts are in the deep recesses of my closet: fall has arrived. Of all the seasons, fall is my favorite. I love the smell of autumn leaves in the air, love, love, love, opening the windows to cool breezes after months of air conditioning, and love snuggling up under a blanket when a bit of chill hits the air. The beauty of fall is that it is a bit of a respite after a busy summer of fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer too, but after weeks and weeks of traipsing to the park, baseball/soccer fields and pool again and again (a different ball game when you are taking two little boys and their bounty of toys with you rather than just swimming solo), the ease of autumn seems to delight my soul. Gone too are the sweaty, humid, hazy hours in the sun, replaced with blue skies, dotted with cumulous clouds and mild temperatures. Being outdoors in the autumn is invigorating, with crisp air and beauty in the changing of the seasons, replacing the oppressive heat. But as much as I like being outdoors in the fall, my experiences indoors change too. True, it is impossible to beat the produce of the summertime. Being able to eat locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables is somewhat of a late spring-summer-early fall novelty in an area blanketed by freezing temperatures for most of winter. But I love how fall conjures up a fresh desire to cook, bake and create indoors in the kitchen. So for now, I say good-bye to: And hello to my slow cooker and oven, that while still in use during the summer, are moved to center stage in the autumn time. I truly love the changing of the seasons and feel blessed to live in an area where I can relish each passing season and different weather mood. But it is my mood that benefits with the onset of autumn. So stay tuned for some really great new autumn dishes. I’ve already been creating with the flavors of fall and look forward to sharing them with you in the coming months. SPC