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Kohlrabi Victory

July 28,2011

I recall clearly that when we were considering joining the Community Supported Agriculture Cooperative (CSA), a former CSA devotee told me, “we loved the CSA, except for what to do with all that kohlrabi!”

Kohlrabi.  Never had tasted it until we joined the CSA and truth be told, while I like the taste of it, I wonder why so many CSAs include it in their crop share.  I don’t mind eating the kohlrabi, but when I sign up each winter for the CSA, it is not as if I sign up dreaming of the fresh kohlrabi to come in June and July.

I have to wonder:  is kohlrabi really on any “favorite foods” of summer list?

Perhaps kohlrabi is cheap to grow?  Or immune to all those pests and bugs and other gardening woes that can plague other crops?  Or maybe kohlrabi is beneficial to the soil and therefore one of those crops you want to grow to improve your overall soil quality?  Whatever the reason, kohlrabi remains on our (and many others!) CSA crop list, and so, each summer, I try to find new ways to enjoy it.

So far, our favorite ways to eat kohlrabi have been braised kohlrabi and serving it in coleslaw.  But last night I tried a new way, having it take the place of red cabbage (kohlrabi is closely related to cabbage and broccoli, and has a flavor reminiscent of both) in one of our family’s favorite summer salads, made this time with Trader Joe's turkey bacon instead of traditional smoked turkey:

I couldn’t believe it, but both the boys gobbled up the salad, including the kohlrabi.  I was floored, floored!  I was also reminded of the advice I got from a mentor mom years and years ago, to never give up when trying to get your kids to eat healthy.  It might take dozens and dozens of tries, but the more you keep trying, the more likely you are that your kids might try something new and unexpected.  Like kohlrabi.