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Kitchen Legos

December 16,2010

My boys are huge Lego fans.  I can’t blame them; I, too, loved Legos as a child and have a hard time accepting that despite my mom saving boxes upon boxes of my toys, clothes, artwork, school work and crafts, my Legos are yet to be found.  This is not a criticism of my mom, I am only blown away with how much she kept...and just a bit sad that my dollhouse, toy cradle, dolls and other girly-girl items won’t see much action in our home...while my Legos are God-knows-where.  But come to think of it, I had a pretty impressive Hot Wheels collection, so I guess that more than makes up for the lost Legos!

But I boys and I love creating with Legos together.  In fact, if my mommy radar goes off saying I need to spend a wee bit more one on one or one on two time with R and/or G, Legos are usually the most enjoyable way to do this.  It is funny though, despite our shared love of Legos, during a recent session a new idea popped into my head:

Check it out!  An oven and cook top, complete with a baking sheet of cookies, completely made out of Star Wars Legos.  R was actually rather impressed, and G thought it was funny that my cookies were red (“Mommy, cookies aren't red until you decorate them!”).  

Me?  I think I have finally found a way to combine two loves when playing with the boys:  Legos and cooking.

Today a Lego oven, tomorrow, who knows!  Stay tuned for future creations...