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It's in the Details

July 29,2009
If you've been reading this blog lately, you know I have been on a bit of a watermelon kick. Whether it is plain 'ole watermelon, watermelon salsa or watermelon granita, we certainly have been having our fair share of watermelon. I wanted to share a few extra tips that have made my watermelon slicing and dicing super easy, and helped keep the clean up to a minimum (both good things for busy families, right?). Here's how I sliced my last watermelon: Notice a few little things that made a big difference: 1. As I explained last week, cutting off each end and then standing it up to slice off the sides makes the slicing and dicing a cinch. After all the rind is removed, you have an egg shaped whole piece of watermelon for easy cutting. 2. This picture shows my new favorite place to cut up watermelon: my sink. The plentiful watermelon juice (did you know that watermelon is 95% water) just goes down the drain, not on my counters. Of course, make sure you give your sink a good scrub down, just so you don't have anything contaminating your fruit. 3. I use a flexible cutting board, allowing me to turn and twist the watermelon easily, but moving the cutting board, not the whole fruit. Just a few tips from my kitchen to yours... SPC