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How to Boil Water

November 17,2009
Okay, so this post is not really about boiling water, per se, but how to bring it to a boil and cook hard boiled eggs. A few years ago my father-in-law shared a simple, straightforward and stress-free way to boil eggs. I must digress for a moment and say that we boil a lot of eggs in the Sweet Pea family. R is an ardent egg-lover, eating them almost any way you are willing to prepare them. I knew this early on, when we would scramble eggs and he would down 2, 3, or even 4 scrambled eggs as a toddler. But what sealed his title as Egg Eating Champion of the Family, was when we visited my aunt and uncle and he downed 6, yes, 6 deviled eggs. I think he would have kept on eating them, but we stopped for fear of him turning into an egg. My attempts to boil eggs before learning the “perfect method” from my father-in-law were in consistent at best, but then he shared this tip for perfect hard-boiled eggs, which I share with you as today’s Tuesday’s Tip: To easily boil large eggs, place them in a stockpot or sauce pan with a lid and cover with cold water until they are completely covered. Place them over high heat and bring to a boil. Once the water is at a full boil, keep the eggs covered, remove the pan from heat and let them sit for 14 minutes. After 14 minutes, pour cold water over them and peel. Perfectly boiled eggs*, easy peasy. Once you have this method down, you’ll be all ready for my recipe for tomorrow. SPC *Ok, so cookware differs and egg size can differ too. Even amongst the different egg size categories (medium, large, jumbo) there is slight variation. Whether you cook with aluminum pans or copper may affect your results too. All of this to say that the first time you cook eggs this way, you may want to remove just one egg from the batch to check after 13 minutes. If you need to keep the other eggs in the hot water, then you will know.