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Homemade Uncrustables

February 11,2009
Yesterday I made mention of the peanut butter recall and how the Sweet Pea home has continued to use our jarred peanut butter. It made me think of an idea I have been wanting to share with you. Uncrustables are a popular lunch-box item, simply due to the ease of packing them in a lunch box for school. But despite their ease, I have never bought a box and don’t plan to any time soon. They’re full of lots of unnatural ingredients and preservatives, and they're made with white bread (I know--not a sin, but since R and G like whole wheat, I am not about to break their stride). Want the ease of Uncrustables without all the unnatural additives? Make them at home! You can even set up a small assembly line, make a few extras, and freeze them so they'll be ready to go for a quick lunch-box meal! Easy peasy, SPC