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Happy Halloween

October 31,2011

Can you feel the anticipation in the air?  Whether you are a kid, parent or neighbor passing out candy tonight, tonight is a *big night*.  Tonight is a night when I let loose and realize that all this healthy eating is important, but so is being a kid.  I can imagine how I would have felt if my parents didn’t let me indulge on Halloween a bit--not happy!

So, despite my devotion to healthy, natural eating, tonight the boys get a pass.  Our boys will be stuffing their bags frantically with candy with the majority of other kiddos in the neighborhood.  R and G will no doubt come home with their faces beaming from the fun (and a bit of sugar too!), pour out their bags and squeal with glee.  

Tonight, we will sort the candy by types (I did this too--are we the only family that does this?), we will eat perhaps a few too many pieces of candy and we will do a few trades (I always got the Almond Joys--and was happy to forgo the Whopper and Milk Duds).  Tonight mom will say “yes” a few too many times to candy eating and the boys will be up a bit late, buzzing with sugar.

How do I quell any residual healthy-eating guilt from the night?  I load them up with a big healthy dinner, full of protein, fiber and lots of good vegetables.  Each Halloween, we serve our favorite Chicken Taco Soup This soup is a Sweet Pea Family tradition and it lets me get some good stuff in them before they go hog wild with the night’s activities.

It’s going to be a sweet night-