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Halloween Wrap Up

November 02,2009
How was your Halloween? Goodness, ours was nice. First, the weather. It was almost a Indian Summer-type day, full of sunny skies and moderate temperatures. Second, the company. We went trick or treating with some neighbors with a boy R's age that moved here over the winter. Lots of fun for R, G and us too. And third, the candy. I am guessing that a couple people in our neighborhood must work for Nestle or Mars because there is no other reason anyone in their right mind would be passing out King Size candy bars. R ended up with a good 4-5 King Size bars, a dozen full size and plenty, *plenty* of other candy. So, now what to do with all this Halloween candy? I decided that this year R is probably too smart for his own good and would catch on quickly to us trying to do what we have done in years past; that is, slowly siphon off (read: eat) some of his candy to expedite its removal from our home. So I was brainstorming and came up with this idea: Halloween Candy Cake. Yes, I know what you are thinking, how does making a cake make the candy situation *better*? Well, for starters, you can read about my Halloween Candy Cake on Sweet Peas and Pumpkins today and see that I had R and G willingly "donate" gobs of their chocolate candy for the cake effort, for which I only needed a small bit. Second, we happened to have plans Sunday night for dinner and I needed to make a dessert anyway. And third (and yes, this one might be a stretch), the cake is a cheesecake, so I guess you could argue that it is slightly less sugar-laden than straight candy? Another idea I had was that you could make your own mix-in ice cream bar at home. Have a sundae night and use some candy for this effort. Or you could take some vanilla ice cream and soften it, mix in some candy and return it to the ice cream bin to have some good Butterfinger or Reese's Cup ice cream in the future. I've also heard of parents who take all the candy and give their child a small present in place of it. Or dentists who offer up small prizes for candy donations. We may take some of our candy to the local assisted living center down the street too, I've heard that they are willing takers of candy as well. In the end though, I am sure the day is coming very soon that R will be a bit more territorial of his candy and want to keep it all. In that case, I guess "everything in moderation" will rule and we'll use the same rule we've use these past couple of years...a piece or two a day...as long as it lasts. SPC