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Good Day, Here I Come...

February 23,2009
I’ve always liked performing--the thrill of getting in front of people and seeing their reaction. Since I can’t act to save my life and even my own children tell me, “Stop!” when I sing, I had to find another venue to satisfy my inner ham. I did figure skating when I was young, and I loved performing in the annual ice show and competing in small local competitions. As I grew older, I took up dance, and again, ate up performing for a crowd. In high school, I tried out and was cast as a reporter for a local teen television show called 2010: Taking You into the Future (at the time, 2010 sounded like eons away). So perhaps it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that once in a while, when I am home alone in my kitchen (which, come to think of it, doesn’t happen that often anymore) I have pretended to be hosting a cooking show. What fun it would be to have your own cooking show! This is what motivates me to DVR every episode of the “Next Food Network Star,” imagining what I would do for the different challenges and putting myself in the contestants’ shoes. Today, I have my own challenge…I am up early today, prepping for a big day. Today I have my first foray into cooking on live television. A local Columbus television station has a morning show called Good Day Columbus, and yours truly will be demonstrating Jambalaya Pasta today. I am off-the-hook excited and a wee bit nervous at the same time. Excited, because this is a chance to do what I have imagined many times. Nervous, because even though I don’t stress at being in front of the camera, I will be interviewed while cooking and chopping and dicing, in front of a hot stove. What if I cut my finger, a la Saturday Night Live’s rendition of Julia Child? What if burn myself? What if I mess the recipe up and it looks like mush? These are the thoughts going through my mind as I begin to prepare for the show. I’ll check in tomorrow and let you know how things work out. But for now, I am off to don my apron, grab my pans, and cook a meal in three minutes or less. Easy peasy, right? SPC