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Good-bye Baggies, Hello Snack Taxi

August 03,2009
I have a new friend in my kitchen drawer. Actually, two friends, one for each of the boys to carry along on car trips, pack for the pool or other outings. Let me introduce you to one of my two new friends: I found these "Snack Taxis" at our local green living store. While I liked the idea of reusing these little bags instead of countless plastic baggies, I was sure how clean I could keep them, or how kid-friendly they would be. Turns out, the Snack Taxis are a huge hit. The boys love the suspense of wondering what I have packed inside the mystery snack bags. To keep them interested I mix it up, splitting the snack choice between things like veggie straws, crackers or pretzels and fresh apple slices or carrot sticks. I love how easy these bags are to clean. The inside wipes up easy peasy and so far, they dry and stay fresh easily. Now, I wouldn't try packing orange slices or something really juicy in them, but overall, they work great! And hey, now that it is *August*, check them out for your back to school lunch box! SPC