Giving up in a good way

Mon, 15/02/2010
I am not Catholic and was not raised Catholic, but from time to time, I give up something for Lent. Last year I successfully swore off chocolate, which I thought would be impossible. Even SPH, who is usually my biggest supporter and fan said to me, “are you sure you can do that?” when I told him of my anti-chocolate plan. But chocolate-free I was, and without horrible side effects. This year SPH is joining me and we are going vegetarian for Lent. I did a vegetarian challenge for Lent years and years ago, before I was a mom and when reminiscing about that recently, SPH suggested we repeat the vegetarian challenge this year. So we’re going meatless, fishless and perhaps most difficult for me, bacon-less. You see, giving up poultry and red meat in general isn’t too much of a stretch for our family. True, we eat fairly meat regularly, but I would venture to guess far less than the average American family. We do tofu meals frequently, love bean-based dishes and eat pasta with the best of ‘em. I don’t think I ever “crave” chicken, turkey or beef (except when I was pregnant with R, which was very odd to me!), but the pig is my weakness. Especially smoked and cut into little strips, ie, bacon. Over dinner a couple nights ago, SPH and I shared our plans with the boys. Neither R nor G are huge meat eaters either, but being only 3 and 6, we didn’t want to push our Lenten plans on them. And yet, I did share with them that all the dinners I would be cooking would not have meat. R paused and replied: “Mom, can I give up something for Lent?” “Yes R, what are you thinking about giving up?” (long pause, R looks at his plate) “I know! I can give up broccoli for Lent!” G apparently liked this idea, because he said quickly, “me too!” After a good chuckle, SPH and I explained that it should be something that is a sacrifice. Undaunted, the boys started discussing their options and eventually decided that R will give up french fries and G will give up chips. Not sure how well G comprehends his decision, but time will tell. So whether you celebrate Lent or not, perhaps give giving-up a try. I’ll keep you posted over the next several weeks about how our meatless journey continues. SPC