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Gardening to Cook

June 23,2011

I’ve loved to cook for some time, probably since I was a young child, but this gardening business is a new one for me.  I’m pretty fired up about our vegetable garden this year and while it is still too early for us to tell if we’ll be successful in harvesting anything of note, so far, it has been a beautiful journey.

We’ve already harvested collards, sweet peas and herbs grown from seed.  What a fun exercise in anticipation and delayed gratification.  As our other plants grow, some really well and some not so well (some animal in our yard loves wax beans, as our three vines have been reduced to one measly little stump of a vine, the other two total losses), it is fun to watch, wait and wonder what will grow next.

Although our harvests are mostly still yet-to-be, there have been some nice treats besides just the harvested vegetables and herbs.  

Check out this beautiful peak of what is growing inside the pea pods:

Our the simplicity of an onion flower:

Yes, the joy of gardening has already hooked me.  Even if our harvest is sub-par, I’d say all the hard work of planting seeds in March, meticulously spraying them with water, having friends help me water them while away, preparing the soil, weeding and planting has already been worth it!