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Food Processor Love

March 23,2009
If I had to choose my favorite piece of kitchen equipment, it wouldn’t be anything fancy, just my workhorse food processor. I used it here and there before children, but with the beginning of making my own baby food when R was an infant, I have sung its praises continuously. We use it for hummus, dough, salsa, soups and for lack of a better culinary term, hiding things. I am not a huge fan of the cookbooks that teach you how to hide vegetable purees in everything from brownies to sandwiches and everything in between. There’s nothing wrong with slipping in extra vitamins and nutrition wherever you can; but children need to *know* they’re eating vegetables so they can learn the healthy habit of eating nutritious foods. But I digress… The beauty of the food processor is that you can take something that looks like this: Which I could pretty much guarantee neither of my children would eat and with the touch of a finger, the food processor turns it into: Voila! Sweet Pea Pizza Sauce, packed with more vegetables than R or G could imagine. I make huge batches of this sauce, and then freeze it in cupcake pans for future use: Once the “cupcakes” are frozen, I pop them in a bag to use for dipping pizzas crusts, quick homemade pita pizzas or for pasta. Easy peasy, SPC