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Food Memories

June 03,2009
I have a vivid memory of me and my friend Amy K., when we were about five years old, eating orange slices in my parent’s kitchen. At the time, Amy and I thought there was nothing more hilarious than taking the orange slice, rind still attached, and putting it in our mouth and smiling. My mom must have thought it was funny too because she has pictures in a photo album that capture this moment. Pictures of Amy and I, sweetly smiling with huge orange filled smiles and a bit of orange juice dripping down our chins. While the memory is vivid, it is not one that I think of often, but yesterday during lunch, I was hit with the memory when the boys started doing this: and this: and this: Food can be one of those “instant memory makers.” As evidenced by these photos, and my own mother’s pictures of Amy and I, a fun food moment can be as simple as sliced fruit. SPC