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Food Fears

April 15,2010
Earlier this week I wrote about how it can be frustrating when your child isn’t willing to try or accept new foods. While I consider myself a fairly adventuresome eater, I realized that there are still certain foods that weren’t exactly up my alley and I needed to overcome my own food fears. During my recent vegetarian journey, I was shopping at Trader Joe’s and came across some tempeh. I had heard of tempeh, but never tasted it. So I swiftly picked up a package of the tempeh and brought it home. Once home, I googled tempeh and read up on my new food purchase. I read things like “acquired taste,” and “slightly bitter or fermented tasting.” These are not exactly welcoming words to someone unsure of trying a new food. But determined to try this new food, I reached out to a friend of mine who has been a vegetarian for years. She helped encourage me to try it, and reassured me that it was usually quite good. So, I took my package of tempeh: Unwrapped it and began to examine it, almost like I see my boys size up new foods on their plates: Convinced it wouldn’t be too offensive-tasting, I sauteed it in a pan with a little canola oil. I sliced it and put it into a Thai Veggie Wrap: You know what? I liked it! Sort of neutral tasting like tofu but with a firmer texture, I was happy to overcome my tempeh fears. I also could relate to what it must be like for my boys to try a new food. So what food fear could you conquer this month? SPC