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Fancy Beach Drink

June 02,2009
We’re back from our trip to visit family and I have to say the re-entry went relatively smooth this trip. Usually when we get back home it is a mad dash to unpack/do laundry/go to the grocery/catch up on mail, and so on. But not this time, this time we were relaxed and just eased back into our weekly routine. While I would like to say that our ease of re-entry was due to some wonderful planning ahead on my part, I can take no credit. But I do think our laid back attitude could have something to do with our taking it easy on our last day at the beach. Nothing says relaxing like the beach and a nice cool beverage. R and I created these mocktails that we have since deemed our “fancy beach drink.” It was fun to watch his face light up as he counted the ice cubes he put in his cup and squirted the lime into the fizzy water. Next time you need to do some summer chilling with your little ones, come up with a fancy beach or backyard or park or pool drink to share. Here’s our recipe for a little inspiration: Fancy Beach Drink 2 parts orange (unsweetened) seltzer 1 part 100% juice punch Slice of lime Ice Combine in a glass. Sip. Repeat. Relaxed yet? SPC