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Exploring Houston through food

March 12,2009
You have to know our friend Brian, aka "Goody." Goody doesn't do anything small, including his cooking. It is so apropos that he lives in Texas... When Goody cooks, he goes all out and you know you are in for a treat. On our first full day in Houston, he invited some family and friends over to share with us a Crawfish Boil. He then asked SPH and I if we want to go to the Hispanic Grocery Store with him to pick up the Crawfish. So SPH, G and I join Goody on a quick trip to: It was full of amazing, exotic produce and great ethnic food items like: and I was like a kid in a candy store, taking picture after picture of food and produce. I have no doubt that some of the shoppers were pointing at me, wondering who the crazy gringo in the produce section was. After picking up 40, yes 40 (!) pounds of crawfish, we headed back home to prep the crawfish for the boil. A few rinses to wash them off, and a salt water bath to "purge" the crawfish (read: clean and disinfect these critters also known as "mud bugs"), it was time to cook 'em up with some potatoes, garlic, onion, corn and cajun spices. It was my first crawfish boil, so I have nothing to compare it to, but man-oh-man, was it tasty: And get this: R loved it! He ate all the crawfish he could eat, something this Sweet Pea Chef would never have done at age 5. So next time you want a taste of some southern, cajun fare, you might just want to try your hand at a Crawfish Boil. Not exactly an easy or quick undertaking, but the perfect thing to do for a fun gathering. After a start like this, we were ready for some more good eats the next day... SPC