Eating on the Cheap

Wed, 18/11/2009
"In there challenging economic times…" Hardly a day goes by without some store, organization or individual spouting these words to precede some statement of fact. Some local food stores are trying to promote their prices and methods for getting a meal on the table on the cheap. Meanwhile cooking shows also seems to be utilizing our common interest in inexpensive meal preparation. This simple recipe for dilled egg salad is full of flavor and frugal too. A dozen eggs usually cost between one and two dollars, making the source of protein for this dish one of the most inexpensive available. Serve this dish with whole grain bread or pita and you have a super healthful and easy way to get lunch or dinner on the table for not a lot of dough. Dilled Egg Salad 12 eggs, hard boiled (see yesterday’s post for tips on hard boiling eggs) and half the yolks removed ¼ cup light mayonnaise 1 tablespoon brown mustard ½ teaspoon dried dill ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon fresh ground pepper 2 pitas, split in half Place the eggs in a bowl and chop into little pieces, either with a pastry blender, or using a knife and fork to cut up, like you would spaghetti. Add the remaining ingredients. Mix well and serve in a pita half. Makes 4 large sandwiches, 6 medium sandwiches. I am not a food economist, but I venture to guess that even with this just serving 4 people instead of 6, this comes in at far less than $1 a person. Not bad, eh? SPC