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Easter Cometh

April 10,2009
This has been a very, very busy week. It’s been full of the usual family commitments, but on top of everything, we’ve had family visiting and get this: this year we are hosting 19 folks at our home for Easter dinner. Our family does Easter big and our usual, amazing host and hostess are unable to have the celebration in their home this year, so SPH and I stepped up and volunteered. We do not have a huge home, so we are getting creative on the seating…we’re using the kitchen, dining room and a satellite table in the living room. Hey, you gotta do, what you gotta do. The good thing is that the meal is a potluck. If we were cooking the entire meal ourselves, I think I would keel over in exhaust before being able to produce a meal for that many folks, and care for the boys. So today is a short post…there have been too many “TTDs” (“things to do,” of course) and not enough TTDI (“time to do it.”). But I do have a quick tip to share with you all: Doing a large meal and need some serving pieces to keep food warm? Use your slow cooker. It can help keep things hot when put on the low setting with the lid removed. Bonus: if you are short on kitchen space, you can set it up somewhere else in your home. Have a great weekend, SPC