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Dwight Shrute, I am not...

June 10,2009
This past week was an exciting time for the Sweet Pea family. First, we received our first CSA delivery. It contained: More strawberries! I was thinking I needed to make some more strawberry bread and strawberry sauce, but these strawberries were so sweet, so amazing that they didn’t last to make anything using them. The peas were also amazing, we ate many of the peas straight from the pod, raw. Hey, don’t knock it until you try it because they were delicious. The spring onions were the most fragrant onions I have ever smelled, almost sweet like a Vidalia. Our own sprinkling of crops is coming along, with the beets sprouting up nicely: We harvested one this week: but realized Dwight Shrute* we are not. The beets weren’t quite ready to come up, as this one beet was no bigger than a quarter. We’ll keep on waiting and in the meantime enjoy some more fresh peas from the CSA. SPC *For all of you non-“The Office” fans out there, Dwight Shrute is a beet farmer.