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Comfort Foods

March 26,2010
This has been quite a week. Both our sweet boys, R and G, had surgery, R on Monday, and G earlier this morning. While it is not a week I would want to repeat, being at our local Children’s Hospital gives me insight to remember that while surgery is no picnic, my boys’ overall health is very good, and for that I am thankful. I think nothing brings out my mommy-ness more than caring for my boys when they are under the weather or not feeling well, or in this case, recuperating from surgery. Trying to help them feel better becomes my primary purpose, my main focus. Even before we left to go to the hospital early Monday, food was playing a role in our planned recuperation. When R, who is 6, and more aware of what he was going to experience at the hospital, got nervous about his impending surgery, one of the ways to distract him from his nerves was to talk about the fun movies, toys and yes, food we would have when he came home from the hospital. Ice cream! This “sometimes” food was promised to R in large amounts. In fact, one of the first things R said when he came to after anesthesia was, “I am hungry!” But when your child is not feeling well, or just having a down day, try this someone silly, but fun way to brighten your child’s day. This is a lunch I clearly remember my mom making for me when I was little, a fun way to jazz up a lunch plate. Each time my mom made it, it would change a bit depending on what sorts of foods we had on hand, but it always started the same way, with a big banana “smile,” smothered in peanut butter. Here’s my take on my mom’s classic lunch the banana smile… Banana Smile Lunch Step 1: Take a banana, sliced lengthwise, and place half on a plate, “smiley side up.” Step 2: Spread peanut butter on the banana, coating well. Step 3: Use fruits, vegetables or other fun treats to make as simple (my style) or complex of a smile as you wish Step 4: Serve to your little sweet pea, and watch their own smile emerge. See? How can you be grumpy with the above on your plate? SPC