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Cloud Mix

March 05,2009
Later today we are heading to Houston for an extra-long weekend visit with some of our closest friends from our days living in DC. We haven’t seen them in two years, and to say we are all excited is an understatement. R: “I told K at preschool today that we are going to Texas!” Me: “What did K say?” R: “He said, ‘I know, R, you told me yesterday.’” While R risks annoying all his preschool buddies with his excitement, I think it is sweet. R is primarily excited for three reasons: First, we’re going to the Johnson Space Center, and he is all about space these days. Second, he wants to see a “real-life” cowboy, and since the rodeo happens to be in town while we are there, we have promised him more than one cowboy sighting. Last, but certainly not least, is the airplane trip. Being that they're boys, you could predict that R and G would love all things transportation. But R holds a special affinity for planes and is thrilled that this trip includes a trip into the clouds. However, here’s the thing: While R loves the plane and keeps himself occupied during any trip, G is not so enthralled. G is my go-go-go son, and any trip that requires keeping him in a seat for three hours straight is probably going to keep us challenged. So like any parent, I am in the process of assembling our “keep the boys busy” bags for the trip. As we’ve done so many times before, we’ll collect books, simple crafts, a few surprises, and lots of snacks to help pass the hours. This trip we’re trying a new snack, something we have deemed “Cloud Mix,” sort of like a trail mix for the sky. R helped me assemble some bags of it: We used: Marshmallows Joe’s Os Whole Wheat Goldfish Annie’s bunnies Dried cranberries Raisins Why marshmallows? To represent the clouds, of course! While we’re in Texas, I am going to be on the lookout for some new good food ideas, too. I love Southwestern food, so we are gearing up for a lot of fun, time with friends, and good food, too. Ready for happy trails, er clouds, SPC