Blizzard Ice Cream

Mon, 21/12/2009
We traveled this past weekend to visit some family outside of Washington DC. As we were pulling out of Columbus, we got a call to let us know that they were expecting snow and to bring boots and snow pants. Little did we know we were about to head to "Blizzard '09!" Or as the Weather Channel deemed "Winter Wallop." The official snow total was 18 inches! The boys, their cousins and all us adults too ventured out several times to play and go sledding in the winter wonderland. When we came back in from one snow playtime SPH's dad had whipped up a batch of "snow cream." Snow cream is a tradition of my father-in-law Roger's from when he was a boy growing up in North Carolina. When a rare snow would occur, his dad would whip up snow cream to celebrate. So when he starting creating some snow cream this weekend, I declared, "I have to blog about this!" Simple to make, this is a classic "little of this, little of that" recipe. First, get the biggest bowl you own and bring in some very fresh fallen snow. I would guess that Roger used about 2 gallons of snow. Then, he added about 1-2 cups of white sugar, 2 tablespoons vanilla extract and then started adding 1 quart of half and half, mixing as he added the half and half until a good consistency was reached. And as my father-in-law told me, you really have to just eyeball it, as the type of snow (wet snow versus fluffy) will affect the amount of half and half you need to add too. Need a chocolate fix? Just add cocoa powder or chocolate sauce. Yum. As we drove back to Ohio this morning, the snow slowlllly subsided and alas, Columbus is without any snow cover. But there is a chance for some wintry precipitation later this week, so perhaps I too can soon make some snow cream too. SPC