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Birthday Week 2011

January 17,2011

It’s that time of the year again, the week we affectionately call “Birthday Week.”   First, R was born in January.  Then, when we were hoping to have a second child, I remember thinking, “it would be nice to have a spring or summertime baby.”  Of course, SPH and I ultimately didn’t really care when our child(ren) were born, that thought didn’t come into play one iota when R and G were born.  But after having R during a snow and ice storm, and being cooped up for weeks with bad weather, a fair weather child sounded good.

So what happened when we tried to have a second child?  I was pregnant before either of us imagined or planned, but I resigned myself to the fact that I was due in February, and at least it was a wee, wee bit closer to spring.  So what happened when said second child was born?  He decided to come much earlier than we imagined or planned, and that is how ended up with two boys with birthdays within a few days of one another.

This is the week when I plan treats for a preschool and first grade classroom, a birthday cake for their actual birthdays and a cake for their “friend” party.  Phew!  That’s a lot of baking and while in the past I have created cakes that look like this:


I am going for a much easier cake this year.  Last year I fact, I waved the white flag and ordered not one, but two, store bought cakes.  There is only so much cake a mom can make in one week.

I am planning to bake at least one cake each for the boys, perhaps with a simpler pattern than the ole’ Bob cake above.  G has his heart set on a lime flavored cake since his party will have a Buzz Lightyear theme and his favorite color is green.  If the cake is a success, I’ll share the recipe in the future.  And R?

Well, at last check he wanted vanilla cake, the first year of his life he has requested something other than carrot cake.

For G’s class he is taking muffins for his morning preschool celebration.  R’s teacher requests “healthy treats,” but hardly any of the other kids have obliged and as R put it, “mom, I don’t want to have a bad treat.”  Sigh.  We will see where we end up with his selection.

All in all, a busy week at Chez Sweet Pea, and amidst all this activity I am trying to wrap me head around the fact that my boys are soon to be 7 and 4.