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Banana Pudding Breakfast

March 26,2009
I love southern food. Even more, I love re-creating southern foods with a healthy twist, since many of the best southern foods taste amazing, but aren’t the healthiest things to eat. I was inspired by Stonyfield’s Banilla Yogurt (banana-vanilla flavored yogurt) to try and create a healthy breakfast that would taste similar to banana pudding. Aren’t familiar with banana pudding? It isn’t merely banana flavored pudding, it is an amazingly tasty and simple dessert that combines vanilla pudding, banana slices and vanilla wafers to create a really, really yummy dessert. I am not a huge banana fan, but I love, love banana pudding. When I was pregnant with R, I worked in an office full of Southerners and one very sweet friend would often surprise me with banana pudding from the cafeteria. So for me, banana pudding is more than just a tasty dessert, it is a trip down memory lane as well as a good way to taste my way back to my husband’s home land. But back to breakfast…I am always looking for unique and healthy ways to get breakfast to the table fast. If I had leisurely time in the morning, perhaps I would whip up eggs, waffles or other hot items for my family. But our mornings are far from leisurely, so any breakfast that I can get to the breakfast in under 3 minutes works best. So here’s my “ready in under 3 minutes ‘banana pudding’” breakfast: Banana Pudding Breakfast for 1 1 Whole Wheat (or plain) English Muffin, toasted ½ banana, sliced ½ cup (approximately) Stonyfield Banilla Low-Fat Yogurt Place one half of an English Muffin in a bowl. Top with ½ of the yogurt and banana slices. Repeat. This was a great way to get my day started on a happy note, hope it will be for you and your family, too. SPC