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The August Countdown

August 02,2010
Holy cow, it is August. This has been an unusually busy summer for us with the move and all, but I looked down at my calendar today and realized it is a mere 3 weeks until school starts. Knowing that this month will fly, as the date for R’s big foray into full day school approaches, there will be a lot to do to prepare R for first grade. Soon, we will learn who will be his teacher for next year, followed closely by calls and emails of friends to see who has the same teacher. Bus routes will be assigned, school supply lists distributed and PTO positions filled, and by the end of this very month, we will be back into our “routine.” I cannot believe that the summer is quickly ending. With my love of cooking and food, top of mind is the new school lunch routine we will also be beginning. I’ve been researching and browsing dozen upon dozen of school lunch options, recommendations and personal stories to come up with a good packed lunch system for R’s meals; I’ll leave you in suspense a little longer as to what we have chosen, but for now, I thought I would share some really great school lunch websites which have helped guide my journey. offers dozens upon dozens of ideas for bento-style lunches. (Not sure what bento means? Click here.) Likewise, Bentobloggy offers insight into healthy food and new Bento ideas. The healthy lunch box is published with lots of great ideas for lunches for the whole family! Now that you have some good ideas on what to pack inside your lunch box, how about some recommendations on the lunch box and what to use to pack the lunch? Sure, you can use what many of us grew up with, lots and lots of plastic bags. But why not use a system that is a little greener and just as easy? This website is a regular treasure trove of options for the equipment to pack your lunch. More than anything, I loved talking to my friends with children who already go to school full-day to hear their opinions. I’ll share the system we come up with R (largely decided, but we have to make sure it will all “work”) in the not-too-distant future. SPC