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Anyone Game?

August 19,2009
Months ago, a good friend from my old neighborhood, emailed me about The Grocery Game. This friend happens to be a smart and sassy shopper, so when she started to explain that this website was a way she was saving tons on her grocery bill, I listened intently. The Grocery Game promotes its services as a way for busy shoppers (read: women) to arm themselves with the power of "Teri's List," a list of all the advertised and unadvertised shopping specials for a particular store, in combination with your local coupons, to maximize your savings. The site offers a free 28 day trial (but buyer beware, you must take action to cancel your subscription after the 28 days or it will automatically begin billing you), during which you will have access to Teri's List for your particular store. After my friend Liz raved about it, I have had two other family members sing its praises too. So why haven't I tried my hand at the Grocery Game? I am not sure really. Perhaps it is that I am sort of lukewarm to coupons. I know they can save me money, but I just don't always dedicate the time and effort to using them, so I wonder if the Grocery Game will be effective. Perhaps it is that the whole concept seems a little gimmicky to me? Or perhaps it is I haven't had the right encouragement. Heck, I am all for saving money on groceries. Maybe I just need an extra little nudge. Anyone out there tried this website? SPC