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9 for '09: Expand My Lunchtime Meal List...and Get the Boys More Involved with the Cooking

January 13,2009

Kindergarten registration is lurking around the corner for the Sweet Pea family.  Here in our school district, that means half-day school, so I can punt the school lunch issue for one more year.  Still, I am already aware that my lunchtime repertoire is greatly lacking and soon I will need lots of good, tasty, “please-don’t-throw-me-away” lunch foods for R to take to school.

R is a streaky-lunchtime eater.  Oh, he eats while wearing all his clothes, he just goes on these binges where all he wants is one thing for lunch.  Currently it is crunchy peanut butter with red raisins (dried cranberries), cut into triangles, with no crusts.  Sadly, my forays into lunch meat sandwiches have always been met with a nose turned up into the air.

Sometimes I can get the boys to eat creative lunches such as Pickles in a Blanket or Vegetable Pita Pizzas but more often than not, it is the same old, same old.

When we’re at home we do lots of leftovers for lunch, but when we’re out and about for lunch time, I wish we had more variety for our lunchtime options. 

So I ask of you:  what are your most creative lunchtime meals, especially meals for the lunch box?  Do you try pasta salad?  Leftover pizza?  Please share any tricks or tips…what meals do your children take to school that actually end up in their bellies, not the trash bin?

All of this searching for a lunch time hit list of favorites also reminds me to have R and G share in the lunch meal preparation...which leads me to another item on my 9 for '09 list:  getting the boys more involved with the cooking.

I have found the more R and G help in preparing food, the more apt they are to eat or at least try the food when it is on their plates.  Both boys are eager helpers, my big challenge is having the patience to let them help me:

Having trouble getting your kids interested in helping you in the kitchen?  The picture above depicts the easiest first step in helping your kids become interested in the kitchen:  cookies.  Once they've caught the cooking bug, then you can move on to healthier snacks and even mealtime prep.

So I guess in a way I may have answered part of my lunchtime quandry with my own tip.  But I am still eager for other ideas...