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What's Race Got to Do With It?

March 30,2012

I'll admit it-- I'm a Hunger Games fanatic.

I tore through all three books in less than a week.

(Side note: I might catch some flack here, but I was Team Gale the whole way through. Don't hate me!)

And I was really sad when I was done. Not because I didn't like the ending, but because it meant I didn't have the books to look forward too anymore. I mean, what the heck was I supposed to do with my time now?

I counted down the days until the movie came out, just to finally see if what I had dreamt up in my mind was similiar (or vastly different) from how the producers envisioned the books.

I couldn't wait to see the characters.

I knew Cato would be a big 'ol brute.

I knew Fox Face would probably look like....well....a fox. Sly and wiry.

I knew Gale was Liam Hemsworth. (Thanks previews. Ha.)

And Rue. Oh, Rue. I knew she'd be tiny and timid.

But I can honestly say, the race of the characters never really crossed my mind.

(Although, I did know Rue and Thresh would be dark-skinned. It's in the book.)

But my question is, why does the race of the characters even matter?

Apparently it matters a great deal to some. Those that apparently missed the part that described Rue's and Thresh's physical attributes are pretty ticked off that they are cast as black in the movie.

So much so that they felt the need to tweet their displeasure over the casting of the characters.

Luckily, the young 13-year-old actress who plays Rue, Amandla Stenberg, knows enough to let the tweets slide off her back.

My question is-- does it matter to you? If you picture a character differently in your head, does it anger you? What are your thoughts on those who tweeted those comments?

Weigh in!